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Chris WadgeI’ve been in the technical industry since the late 90’s, but computers have been in my veins a lot longer. When I was about 6 years old, I had access to an 8088 IBM PC/XT clone with a typical cathode green monochromatic screen. Since my old man was never around and I wanted to play DOS games, I had to teach myself. That’s how it all started.

These days I’ve been doing the Silicon Valley thing, mostly working with various start-ups. Some of them have been wild successes, some colossal failures. C’est la vie. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two in the process.

I actually enjoy learning new tech, securing systems, and tuning them to wring out every last drop of performance. In short, I like to make good things better. Since that’s always an ongoing process, I’ll periodically write about something I’ve been working with recently. Hopefully at least some of it’s useful or interesting to somebody out there.

Chris Wadge


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  • 4 thoughts on “About Me

      • I wasn’t sure that anybody actually cared, but it’s a valid point regardless. I’ve added a signature with my email address. 😉

    1. Hello Chris,

      love the site! stumbled on it now that I’m trying out Hiawatha. One bug I can’t work past though; in your post on HTTP caching, I’ve been trying the UrlToolKit entry:

      UrlToolkit {
      ToolkitID = cache-control
      Match ^/.*\.(css|eot|gif|htm|html ... )(/|$) Expire 2 weeks

      And no matter what, Hiawatha reports a syntax error on the ‘Match’ line.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks again for a great resource!

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