RamNode Debian primer script

Debian is a flexible, reliable, and widely supported distribution of GNU/Linux with a long and well established track record. It’s been my distro of choice for many years now, primarily because it tends to strike a good balance between stability and freshness. RamNode provides fast, reliable hosting at an inexpensive price point, and they offer Debian as an OS installation choice for their VPS offerings.

The out-of-the-box Debian experience on RamNode has improved drastically in recent days, but it can still be quite a chore to get your vanilla VPS to the point where it’s ready for the challenges of the hostile, wild west climate of the Internet. That’s why I wrote a script that will get your RamNode hosted Debian VPS tuned, hardened and fit for production use in the fastest possible time.
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Hosting WordPress with Hiawatha

As of this writing, WordPress is the most ubiquitous CMS and/or blogging platform in the world. WordPress 4.1 alone has been downloaded over 23 million times. It is actively developed, frequently updated, and boasts a vast ecosystem of themes, plugins, books, services, even conferences. And though WordPress’ security track record did improve substantially in 2010 over previous years, its popularity and accessibility has nevertheless left it among the most often targeted web software out there today. If you’re going to self-host WordPress, what better webserver to accommodate this than the secure, lean and high-performance Hiawatha?
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